How To Know If A Girl Is Interested in You

A girl who is interested in you might show it through two possible ways. First, she will give you subtle hints that she is becoming increasingly attracted to you.  She’ll smile at what you say, she’ll try to keep the conversation going and maybe she’ll even touch you. The second way is much harder to read – it’s about these little things she does unconsciously when she is becoming more and more attracted to you.

Following is a list of all those things women do that fall into those two criteria. I compiled it through my personal experiences and also coupled it with some great material I have found in the Internet.

A girl is interested in you when…

• She laughs while talking to you
• When comes back after going to the bathroom
• When sitting next to you her leg touches yours
• She asks if you have a girlfriend
• She avoids mentioning her boyfriend
• She reinitiates conversation when you stop talking
• She seats with her legs opened
• She giggles
• She introduces you to friends
• She buys you a drink
• She touches you
• She returns your calls
• She looks back and glances at you repeatedly every minute or so.
• She tosses her hair (to see if you will look)
• If eye contact happens from a distance, she holds it
• When she says or does something, she looks at you to see your reactions
• She smiles at you
• Her skin tone becomes red while being around you
• She stands nearby
• She laughs in unison with you
• She plays with her hair while talking to you
• She asks for your name
• She asks for your age
• She compliments you
• In a crowd she speaks only to you and focuses all of her undivided attention on you
• She uses nicknames for you
• She asks you where are you going as you leave the bar
• She calls you a player or a heartbreaker
• She is playful and tries to challenge you
• She leans into you
• She degrades other women
• She starts qualifying herself
• She wets her lips
• She raises both eyebrows exaggeratedly for a couple of seconds, this is often combined with a smile and some eye contact
• She is fixing, patting or smoothing her outfit to make herself look better
• She is throwing her hair back off her shoulders
• She twirls her hair around her fingers while she is looking at you
• She exposes the palms of her hand facing you
• She gazes in your eyes with deep interest and her pupils are dilated
• She plays with her jewellery, especially with stroking and pulling motions
• If she is wearing clothes that show her nipples underneath and you notice they are getting perky and erect
• She rubs her chin or touches her cheek.
• If seated, she starts sitting straight up and her muscles appear to be firm
• She raises or lowers the volume of her voice to match yours
• She sits with one hand touching one of her breasts

And more! The list will keep being updated in the near future and you are all invited to contribute leaving your own in the comments section just below.

Personally I don’t follow these rules that much. I’m a bit more of a feelings guy and generally notice when a girl is into me or not. You probably will do too once you have a bit more of practice and experience with women. But experience or not, these points above keep true. If you know them all and are skilled when reading them, you will only have gains. It will give you a great hand!
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